Another great reason to choose breastfeeding

Our bodies are designed to gain weight during pregnancy. They are also designed to lose it afterwards. That’s biology. The problem begins when we ignore nature.


People rarely manage to hide their disbelief when they first find out that I am a mum of three. And I am not an exception – there are fit mums everywhere and, truth to be told, most of us never tried any particular diet, not to mention going to the gym. You may ask why all mums aren’t able to shed the baby weight. There are several factors that one should implement which include a combination of light exercise such as walking and nourishing your body with the right foods that benefit your breastfed baby and yourself. I just have to point that breastfeeding plays a huge role too.


Our bodies change. During those nine months, we gain weight. Our bodies collect calories, making enough supplies to make it possible for our baby to survive a potential famine. The threat of famine might not be realistic for most of us, but our bodies don’t care about statistics. It still creates reserves of fat and other forms of nourishment that are used as the primary source of food for our babies.


We shouldn’t ignore the fact that our bodies change during pregnancy. We need to understand that the changes on the hormonal level affect metabolism. If we try to find alternative ways to lose weight, we might discover that none of these work; especially those that were effective before pregnancy. This is normal.


Other factors that may impact weight loss are;

  • Night waking; This can lead to sleep deprivation, preventing the repair and restoration of your body.
  • Early weaning: You loose calories as you breastfeed. When you stop, you are unable to loose them in the same way hence you have to find other means. If you don’t, your body may keep all these calories that it collected during the previous nine months.

Don’t want to keep them? There is a very simple solution; don’t overlook the biological imperative. Do breastfeed your baby and nurture your body.
These calories won’t go away overnight. It usually takes a little over three months before you start noticing that pounds are melting. Then you need to wait for another three to six months to fit into an old pair of jeans, and a few more to be completely satisfied with your look. That’s not quite a long period of time. Remember, our bodies collect calories for those nine months. It is perfectly normal that we need at least another nine months to lose them.