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Anisha Sentongo-Hudlin

Anisha Sentongo-Hudlin

My name is Anisha and I am a wife and mother of 3 adorable children aged 8, 6 and 1.  They are literally my life, my world, my everything. Being a mother is THE best thing I have ever done! It is my greatest achievement in life and always will be.

I am a psychology graduate, with a diploma in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and Life Coaching.  I am also educated in and passionate about British Sign Language.  I have worked with Young Offenders, as well as Autistic Children during my career, as well as advocating for Deaf People.  I believe I am a caring family orientated individual.  I really don’t understand what is so radical about attachment parenting, I really don’t…

About this little web-place

After all these years, I know I made the right choice about my parenting approach. Still, I remember how insecure I felt when I brought my firstborn daughter home.

I was bombarded with all sorts of advice. Don’t hold her for too long! She will get to used to you being close and you won’t be able to put her down when you need to.  She will get to used to being carried.  Don’t sleep with her in your bed, neither of you will ever get a good nights sleep!  Time your feeds otherwise she will get too demanding…

I remember the pressure.

I can’t believe you are still doing that. I always feel that I can’t tell people that I still breastfeed because that they might judge me. You are spoiling that baby! You are ruining that child! It’s unrealistic, you have to have a life.

I do have a life. I have the best possible life I could get, full of love, empathy, and support.

It needed me years of training to decipher what all these uninvited people were really telling me: I didn’t breastfeed or co-slept with my children. They went to nursery early or they were with their grandparents / babysitter most of the time. I was busy with other things. And now, are you telling me that I am a bad parent? – No, I am not telling you anything. It is not about you. You’ve had your choice, now let me have mine.


Are You Attached?

I want to help young, inexperienced parents to feel confident about attachment. Regardless of what most people say, it is not a radical way of raising children. It is the most natural one and it only brings good.

At this moment, I am writing a book about attachment parenting. In the book, I’ll try to demystify attachment once and for all.

My aim is not to offer you a source of information only. I am offering you support. I know what you’re going through and I’d like to help you become the best parent you can be.

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